Amazon Teleporter Extension

This is a simple Firefox extension that flips between and See this blog post for more info. For most books and CDs, this will let you jump back and forth between the UK page and the US/.com page. Why would you do this?

Amazon Teleporter v0.1 (Self-contained Firefox extension)
Amazon Teleporter v0.2 (Self-contained Firefox extension)

Alternatively, visit the Amazon Teleporter Page on Mozilla Add-Ons

Domain Teleporter

This is a Greasemonkey script that does the same as the Amazon Teleporter Extension above. However, it's not limited to Amazon; by opening up the Greasemokney dialog's settings for this script, you can make it apply to all sites (specify "*" for Included Pages, instead of the default Amazon settings). You need Greasemonkey installed to make this script work.

domainteleporter v0.1 (Greasemonkey script)

This is an Experiment

I mainly wrote this to explore the workings of GreaseMonkey and observe the process of creating and submitting a Firefox addon. You can find details of its creation from this blog post.


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