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Michael Mahemoff
"I like to make the web better and sushi"
London, UK


Blog: Software As She's Developed
My main blog and - in the past - podcast, covering software development with a focus on the web. Since 2004.
Miniblog: Software Companion Blog
My posterous-powered miniblog covering similar topics to Software As She's Developed, but more off-the-cuff and low-level. Since 2009.
Microblog: Twitter
Tweeting about what i'm working on, events i'm attending, and trends i'm seeing. Since 2007.
Open source: GitHub Projects
My home on GitHub, with a few open-source projects
Blog (Contributor): Ajaxian
Blogging on the most popular Ajax and Javascript blog since 2005.
Bookmarks: Delicious
Capturing sites of interest since 2004.
Open source: TiddlyWiki Trac
Repository containing most of my contributions to TiddlyWiki and the "TiddlyVerse".
Google Groups
I particpate mostly in TiddlyWiki and Javascript groups.
I make the odd contribution to the biggest encyclopedia in the known multiverse.
Open source: Ajax Demos
As a companion to my work on Ajax Design Patterns, I produced a pool of simple open-source Ajax demos at
Network: Linked In
Member of LinkedIn.
Events I'm planning to show my face at, or have already.

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